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Higher Meaning:
Judgment symbolizes complete awareness of ones spiritual nature. The spirit stripped of the body has a holistic and transcendental vision of reality. All of the attributes gifted to the individual and all of the opportunities to love and to be loved which were available to the spirit are reviewed. The spirit judges itself and metes out mercy to itself based upon the mercy it was willing to mete out to others. Awakening, resurrection and rebirth are all represented by Judgment. After the review of ones choices and the realization of the impact of those choices on ourselves and on others comes an awakening. Judgment is facing the Truth in a personal and metaphysical sense but it is a prelude to glorious rebirth.

Mundane Meaning:
Judgment indicates rehabilitation, cure and forgiveness. The seeker has overcome a major obstacle in their life. If a miscarriage of justice has occurred there will soon be vindication. Judgment is a card of spiritual maturity and renewal. Your life is about to enter a period of quiet richness. An ordeal is over. You have fought the good fight and your efforts will be rewarded.

Reversed Meaning:
Judgment reversed indicates a stubborn refusal to face the consequences of ones' actions. Procrastination and indecisiveness may be apparent in the seekers life at this time. There may also be a tendency to blame others for ones own failings. Bitterness over a failed relationship or a divorce is possible. "Judge not less ye be judged".