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Higher Meaning:
The Sun represents the energy that permeates the universe. It is the "Prana" or life force of the Hindus. It is also an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. The sun is the source of light and light enables us to see. In the fullness of light all is revealed and nothing is hidden. The Sun symbolizes a passionate love for all creation. Spiritual energy and clarity of vision become illumination. Illumination is the process through which one sees clearly and sheds ones' own inner light. One who has truly attained the attributes of the Sun "shines with a light from within".

Mundane Meaning:
The Sun indicates triumph and achievement will be present in the seekers life. Good friends and happy family relationships are also indicated. The seeker knows how to balance work and relationships in their full life. The seeker values the small details of every day life and has a large capacity for joy. Good luck and abundance in a balanced life are indicated.

Reversed Meaning:
The sun reversed indicates that the outward forms are more apparent in the seekers life, at this time, than the reality. The seeker may put to much emphasis on how they appear to others. Their work may be safe or derivative rather than a true expression of the seekers spirit. The questioner may seem to have it all but inside they are deeply unfulfilled. Take chances and do not concern your self with the results your work will bring but with the work itself.