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Higher Meaning:
The World is a summation of all the preceding cards. The spirit has set out on a journey in search of Truth. The spirit has desired to know and to comprehend its true nature and purpose. The seeker has learned that it is ones will and steadfast focus which determines ones path. A willingness to sacrifice ones will to the guidance of love elevates the path. Paradoxically the spirit discovers that its personal acts of will, determination and sacrifice have brought it to a place where action has no meaning. The spirit returns to its origins but with a new awareness. This awareness reveals that through Grace the spirit is wedded to the unmanifest field. This is the field from which all that is manifest arises and to which all that is manifest returns. The true nature of the source of all things is not intellectually comprehensible. It is, however, capable of being known. The seeker is truly "here, now." The spirit is in the World but not of it. Bliss absolute and awareness absolute are the true riches of the World.

Mundane Meaning:
The questioner has pulled the most auspicious card in the Tarot. Success, completion and triumph are all indicated by the World. You will receive admiration and acclaim in the near future. The level of success you will enjoy will be beyond your expectation and you will be generous with others. If you are actively seeking spiritual growth you will be graced by a taste of the divine. Even if you are not an active seeker the nature of your gift will have an awesome quality to it.

Reversed Meaning:
The World has such a positive meaning that its meaning in reversed still has a positive connotation. There will be some success though not at the level of the World upright. You will receive some acclaim and it will inspire you to reach higher. If you are fearless and widen your focus and expand your vision this will be but a taste of things to come.