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Higher Meaning:
The Moon rules the realm of dreams, fantasy and unconscious thought. Although it symbolizes illusion, deception, betrayal and mental disturbances it also represents a step towards enlightenment. For the Moon also reflects light. The Moon gives us an opportunity, through our dreams and inner emotional work, to discern internal blocks to our growth. If we are willing to face our fears the "dark night of the soul" can bring advancement and "joy in the morning."

Mundane Meaning:
The Moon represents a warning to be alert to deception and false friends. Beware of overreacting to your current circumstances. Pay attention to your dreams. Now is an especially good time to practice non-attachment and to keep physically active.

Reverse Meaning:
Some internal upset but to a lesser extent than when the card is upright. May indicate movement out of an emotionally troubling time or situation. Minor mistakes and misunderstandings are indicated.