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Higher Meaning:
The Star represents the destiny and life path of the individual. The realization of the spirits' unique calling and the expression of its gifts are the domain of the Star. It is destiny in the sense of an individuals special attributes and the exercise of them rather than predestination. "I know myself and I will be true to my vision" is the motto of the Star. The Star represents hope and faith. All things work together for a purpose. There is great joy when one is centered and in tune with ones Star.

Mundane Meaning:
The star represents good fortune, optimism and spiritual insight. The questioner is beginning a new phase that promises great personal rewards. You will be engrossed in and fully engaged in some new enterprise that will require you to utilize all of your inner resources. The results will be better than expected especially if you remain optimistic.

Reversed Meaning:
The questioner may feel stalemated and stagnant. A hoped for opportunity has not yet been realized. There is a tendency for the seeker to feel hopeless or to despair because they have no passion in there lives. Bad luck may plaque you .The very presence, even reversed, of the Star is a harbinger of better things to come. Act as if limitless opportunity is available to you and you will speed the actualization of the Star's power in your life.