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Higher Meaning:
Temperance depicts a winged figure pouring liquid from one vessel into another. The liquid represents the "living water" of pure spirit. The figure is winged because the attribute denoted is an essentially spiritual one. Balance, moderation and self-control are often mentioned in reference to temperance. While they are appropriate and applicable terms they refer more to emotional and intellectual discipline than to spiritual practice. Temperance refers to a deep realization that nothing is lost in the universe. Every drop of " living water" is retained. Temperance says "I am a spiritual being in a physical world, and all of my needs will be met." Temperance denotes a rock steady centeredness combined with a fluid openness and acceptance that all things are possible.

Mundane Meaning:
Temperance, in a reading, indicates a balanced and self-controlled individual. A person who has the ability to combine disparate elements into a productive whole. The questioner will have great success managing a project or directing a creative enterprise. Good luck surrounds the seeker in friendship and in any group enterprise. You may be called upon to counsel with or advise others.

Reversed Meaning:
The questioner is surrounded by discord and disharmony. The seeker may be fearful of loss and lack patience. They have difficulty working with others and are often filled with distrust. Get in touch with your spiritual nature. There is enough to go around, and you have enough time to fulfill your goals. Wish for the success of others and you'll begin to see positive change for yourself.