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Higher Meaning:
Death represents the impermanence of all things physical and by extension the inevitability of transformation. It is the inescapable destiny of all beings to undergo transformation. Nothing in the universe is wasted or destroyed it is only manifested in another form. The previous card, the Hanged Man, has died to himself and been transformed into a being who no longer fears death. Death, to one who is aware, is viewed as a portal to a higher consciousness not as an end in itself. Fear of death is perhaps the greatest fear. Fear is the great enemy of enlightenment.

Mundane Meaning:
Death upright in a reading may indicate a time of upheaval and great personal trial. Unexpected and unplanned changes may be thrust upon the questioner. The seeker may need to call upon all their inner resources to deal with the current circumstances. This card indicates that the seeker is in a period which has great opportunities for spiritual growth.

Reversed Meaning:
Death reversed indicates a time of renewal after an emotionally challenging period in the questioners life. The seeker needs to re-evaluate the events of the last few months and then resolve to move forward. Fear brought on by trauma in the past can not be allowed to hold you back.