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Higher Meaning:
The Devil represents all of the forces that impede human beings from understanding their true nature. Any thing which clouds awareness or which keeps one in bondage is of the Devil. The Devil is liar and a thief and his only purpose is to degrade humanity and steal from them their God given destiny. Dissolution and chaos are in the Devils realm. He promises freedom from restriction and then totally enslaves. The devil represents uncontrolled passion, spiritual and intellectual pride and Black magic. Black magic is the misuse of spiritual powers to control, manipulate and enslave others.

Mundane Meaning:
The Devil upright in a reading indicates negative influences in the questioners' life. These influences may include drug or alcohol abuse. A destructive relationship may also be present. Any influence which destroys ones self esteem or which enslaves falls under the province of the Devil. If none of these seem to apply then the questioner may have someone in their life who actively wishes them ill. There is a caution to avoid false pride and to not wish ill to others when this card is drawn.

Reversed Meaning:
The Devil reversed indicates that some bondage has been broken. A period of intense work has brought a renewed spiritual awareness. The questioner may have been humbled by recent developments but should not dwell on the past. A new day has broken and no experience is wasted if you gain new insights and a new direction from it.