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Higher Meaning:
The Hanged man represents the surrender of ones life to God." Thy will be done " and "I trust completely" are the mottoes of the Hanged Man. Although he appears helpless he is actually gaining greatly. The Hanged Man surrenders not only his lower nature but also his preconceptions. This frees him to partake fully in all the universe has to offer. Paradoxically, he gains great power by surrendering his personal control. Although he has attained spiritual gifts prior to his surrender they have no value to him because he seeks the highest truth. His head is towards the ground because he understands the world but his feet face the heavens because he wishes to be guided by that which is not of this world.

Mundane Meaning:
The Hanged Man represents, for the questioner, a feeling of "Is this all there is." Its appearance indicates that the questioner has undergone great inner turmoil and has reached a point where there is a radical, internal spiritual change imminent in their life. Rebirth is underway.

Reversed Meaning:
The Hanged Man reversed may indicate enslavement to a rigid point of view. The questioner is stuck emotionally and spiritually due to their habitual negative thought patterns. They may believe that spiritual and emotional change is necessary for their growth, but they have decided that such growth is unavailable to them. They should suspend judgment and ask that their highest path be revealed to them.