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Higher Meaning:
The High Priestess represents wisdom, intuition, and hidden knowledge. She is able to bring into consciousness that which is unconscious. She is able to articulate and illuminate the deepest mysteries. The High Priestess is steadfast and faithful and a lover of revealed and unrevealed truth.

Mundane Meaning:
Intuition, mystery, and unrevealed influences at work in the questioner's life is indicated by the presence of the High Priestess. This card may represent a woman in the questioner's life or the questioner. A woman who is supportive, loving, wise, and very intuitive is also represented by the High Priestess. Take time to listen to the inner voice present in the stillness of a quiet heart.

Reversed Meaning:
When the High Priestess is reversed in a reading it may indicate a misuse of spiritual or psychic power. It can also represent the desire to control or manipulate others. This card reversed may also represent an individual who does not listen to or trust their own intuition.