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Higher Meaning:
The Empress is the symbol of female authority, productivity, and creativity. She represents abundance in all things. Marriage, fertility, and wealth all flourish under the Empress' stewardship. Love and power both reside comfortably in the Empress. She represents the good life but will fight tenaciously for her child or her creative vision. The Empress reminds us to honor the female within creation for without her nothing can come to fruition.

Mundane Meaning:
Good luck surrounds the questioner whose' particular concerns involve money, marriage or fertility. Any endeavor over which a woman has creative or executive authority will have a favorable outcome. The Empress may represent the questioner or a pivotal woman in the questioners' life.

Reversed Meaning:
The Empress reversed , in a reading, indicates vacillation and indecision. Anxiety, procrastination and fear of poverty are also indicated. Dissatisfaction with personal relationships and loneliness may also be present. Taking time to "mother" yourself would be advantageous.