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Higher Meaning:
The Magician symbolizes the ability to translate ideas into action. It also represents a high degree of skill, self-confidence and productivity. The Magician is spiritual energy and intellect wedded to produce concrete manifestations. Originality, flexibility and imagination are all attributes of the Magician.

Mundane Meaning:
The Magician promises a successful outcome to any project the questioner has given his/her full attention and devotion to. Stay true to your vision and your goal will be attained. Creative powers are abundant and should be exercised now. A new opportunity may be offered to the questioner. Your skills will be at a peak use them wisely.

Reversed Meaning:
The presence of The Magician reversed in a reading suggests vacillation, self-doubt and erratic effort. It may also indicate the use of ones creative energy for destructive purposes. It is time to re-evaluate your work and your goals.