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Higher Meaning:
The Fool is a card of great power and paradox. He represents both the novice and the attained master. He is the energetic, buoyant youth beginning his life's journey and the enlightened seer. The novice, at best, is full of hope and self-assurance. He approaches life with a sense of adventure and is not afraid. The enlightened master, after experiencing life's mysteries, is also joyful, fearless and unattached. The Fool's number is zero because it represents the inexperience of the novice and the totality of all experience which is the master's.

Mundane Meaning:
The Fool represents a new beginning. If the questioner is seeking self-expression or finding their destined path then this is an auspicious time to make changes and begin a new enterprise or life style. The questioner may be considering major changes in their life that others consider imprudent or risky. Follow your dream.

Reversed Meaning:
The Fool reversed represents apathy and stagnation. It also indicates scattered and unproductive activity. The questioner should ask themselves "Am I really doing what I want to do with my life." The seeker needs to redefine their priorities and change direction.