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Higher Meaning:
The Wheel of Fortune represents the great cycle of birth and rebirth called Karma in the eastern tradition. "As ye sow so shall ye reap," is a western proverb that describes the law of cause and effect as it relates to human behavior. The wheel tells us that those who reside on the rim of the wheel will be crushed by events that seem beyond their control. However, those who dwell in the center of the wheel are beyond the destructive effects of the wheel's unceasing motion.

Mundane Meaning:
The Wheel of Fortune upright denotes good luck. You are about to successfully harvest the results of your labors. It can also mean a stroke of unexpected good fortune.

Reverse Meaning:
Bad luck is indicated by the Wheel of Fortune reversed. Unexpected obstacles or delays surround a current project. This, too, will pass. Make no major decisions at this time.