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Higher Meaning:
Justice represents the physical and spiritual laws that govern the universe. Without law there would be chaos and matter would be unable to retain form for any length of time. There is, correspondingly, spiritual law under which all sensate beings, whether they are aware of it or not, are bound. Justice sees perfectly and judges impeccably. Her judgment is illustrated in the Wheel of Fortune but she also is merciful. Mercy is meted out according to the mercy granted. "As you judge so shall you be judged."

Mundane Meaning:
Justice represents a fair minded and balanced individual. Successful contractual or legal outcomes are also denoted. Moral strength and integrity will bring a just settlement to any conflict in which the questioner is involved.

Reversed Meaning:
Justice reversed suggests intolerance, bias and bigotry. There may be false accusations or unfair legal action. There is also the possibility that the questioner or someone close to them is overly critical and judgmental.