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Higher Meaning:
The Hierophant symbolizes those influences which lead one away from worldly concerns. Spiritual practice, study, belief and worship are all the province of the Hierophant. This card may also represent a spiritual teacher. The Hierophant also brings a reminder that spiritual practice without the spirit is not fruitful. He is also symbolic of the mercy which is extended to those who seek the Truth wholeheartedly.

Mundane Meaning:
The Hierophant denotes a compassionate and spiritual person. It can also represent religion or service to others. Conformity or a somewhat rigid world view is also suggested by this card. The possibility of a marriage or an alliance exists. Renewal or intensification religious or spiritual practice is another interpretation.

Reversed Meaning:
The Hierophant reversed may indicate an individual who is unorthodox , flexible, and open to new ideas. There is also the possibility of the abuse of power by an advisor or counselor. The questioner may also be experiencing a disillusion-ment with their life. "Is this all there is?" If this is the case they should develop their spiritual life for they are being called to a new understanding.